Egg Incubation & Livestock Care

During the spring season, we offer incubators and fertile eggs so teachers and educators can experience the miracle of life in their own school or home. While we have incubators for sale, we also run a rental program.  Educators can rent the necessary gear for a 30-day period without having to invest in purchasing costly equipment. We offer fertile chicken and duck eggs for hatching, as well as a care package that includes the necessities for caring for newborns when they hatch.

In addition, we have compiled a care packet that contains all the information necessary to run an incubation project from the start up to caring for newborns once they hatch. This is available to view below. If you are interested in starting an incubation project, please call and inquire when the seasons starts, as it can vary year by year.

Incubation Q&A:


Does Goffle Poultry take back baby chickens or ducks?

The New Jersey Department of Agriculture (NJDA) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) prevents us from taking back chickens or ducks that were not obtained from our farm.

The birds you hatch are yours to keep and care for how you please. We understand that not everyone wishes to keep the birds they hatch, and some town make it difficult for those who do to raise them. If you received the eggs from us, we can take them back and find them a new home, provide they are returned within 3 months after being hatched.

How long can I rent an incubator for?

The rental period for an incubator is 30 days, then it must be returned in the condition it was received, including the turner (if rented) and thermometer. If any of these items are returned damaged, late, or in an unsatisfactory condition, your deposit will be charged appropriately.

What kind of chickens/ducks will hatch?

Sex-link cross chickens will hatch from our chicken eggs.  They are a mixed breed of Rhode Island Reds and White Leghorns. Duck eggs will hatch in Pekin breed ducks.

Do you recommend renting or purchasing an incubator?

If you are doing an incubation project for the first time, and only plan on doing it once every few years, we recommend renting and incubator. An incubator can take up a lot of space while in storage and may require calibration when you are ready to use it after months not in service. If you plan on doing an incubation every year, we recommend purchasing an incubator, as it can pay for itself after 2-3 incubation projects.

What is included in a care package?

A care package includes a bag of feed that supplies enough food for 6 chick/ducks for roughly 2 weeks, a small bag of bedding, an automatic watering dish and bottle for chick/ducks to drink out of, and a large cardboard brooding box that should last 2 weeks before it should be discarded.

Will I need a special red-light heating bulb to keep my chicks/ducks warm once they hatch?

No. If you are keeping the chicks/ducks indoors after hatching, a standard 60, 75, or 100-watt incandescent light bulb should be enough to keep the newborns warm. Depending on the wattage of the bulb, the temperature of the building, and the age of the chicks, you may need to increase or decrease the distance of the light to the chicks/ducks. Please note that a LED or florescent energy saving bulb will not product the heat necessary to keep warm.

What days can I return an incubator rental?

We prefer to accept incubator returns during regular business hours Monday through Friday.

How can I tell if the chicken/duck is a male or female before they hatch?

We are unable to sex chicks/ducks until they are at least 2 months old, when they start developing sex-specific features (combs, beaks, etc.). There are stories people holding a chicken upside down claiming they are able to sex it based on how it reacts. These methods are simply wife’s tales and are not accurate at determining the sex of a bird before maturation.

Livestock Q&A:

If I hatched my own chickens, can I return the males and keeps the females for egg laying?

Depends. If the eggs were purchased from our farm, you may return any birds you do not wish to keep.

Do I need male chicken for a female chicken to lay eggs?

No. A male is only necessary to product fertile eggs. A female will produce eggs with or without a male present.

Are there any regulations regarding own chicken in my backyard?

Maybe. Some towns do not allow you to own roosters, while some prevent you from owning chickens altogether. We do not keep track of each town’s rules; we recommend you check with your local ordinances before deciding to raise birds at your home.

Do you sell coops for fully grown chickens and ducks?

No. We do not sell coops for fully gown birds. We recommend looking at some online vendors like,, or even Walmart.

The online shop is open during regular business hours. Orders can be placed up to 3 days in advance. Dismiss