Farm Fresh Eggs

Goffle Poultry offers a wide variety of chicken eggs, as well as duck and quail eggs. We offer standard sizes including large, extra large, and jumbo, in both white and brown.  We also offer some unique options like super jumbo, which are larger than regular jumbo, and mixed double yolk, which have a high probability of having 2 yolks per egg.

Duck eggs are a suitable replacement for those who have allergies to chicken eggs, as many people with chicken allergies are able to eat duck eggs without issue. Quail eggs are another alternative, although they are smaller than chicken eggs. Many people hard-boil them and use them as a garnish on salad to aid presentation.  For years, our customers have been telling us our eggs are superior to those purchased at their supermarket.

Our chickens are free-roaming, antibiotic free, hormone free, steroid free and are not fed animal-byproducts. Additionally, our eggs never sit long in storage, usually reaching our shelves within 24-48 hours after being laid. This, combined with a vegetarian diet, produces an extraordinarily exceptional product that our customers have come to love.

Fun Fact: Did you know there is no difference in taste or nutritional value between white and brown eggs of the same size? The only difference is that the brown eggs are laid by a brown/red feather hen, while the white eggs are laid by a white feathered hen.