Thanksgiving FAQ

The Thanksgiving season is one of our busiest holidays. Unlike other popular holidays like Christmas and Easter, Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States by all religions and ethnic groups. To help streamline information, we put together a frequently asked questions guide to help reduce the need to explain everything over the phone or in person.

This guide was written for new customers or those who wish to do a little research before purchasing one of our birds.

We recommend that anyone who has any questions about their Thanksgiving order first read this guide before calling, as it can reduce the load on our phone lines.

Use this table to determine how big of turkey you will need during the holidays.
The “Recommended For” section suggests how big of a turkey you should get including leftovers. Once you determine how many people being served, see the left of the chart for the size bird we recommend.


Size (Pounds) Recommended For
10 – 12 lbs. 5 – 6 People
12 – 14 lbs. 6 – 7 People
14 – 16 lbs. 7 – 8 People
16 – 18 lbs 8 – 9 People
18 – 20 lbs. 9 – 12 People
20 – 22 lbs. 10 – 14 People
22 – 24 lbs. 12 – 16 People
24 – 26 lbs. 14 – 18 People
26 – 28 lbs. 16 – 20 People
28 – 30 lbs. 18 – 22 People
30 – 32 lbs. 20 – 24 People



How big of a turkey will fit in a conventional 30″ oven?

Usually up to 30 lbs.

How do I cook a turkey?

See our cooking instructions on this site.


Are your turkeys organic?

No. Our turkeys are all natural meaning fresh processed, free range, all natural, steroid free, preservative, and animal bi-product free. While the organic certification process would increase the cost of our products, it would not make the flavor any better. We prefer to keep our birds all-natural to provide a fresh product at a sustainable cost.

Can you cook my Thanksgiving Turkey?

No. Due to constrained space, we do not have the ovens required to turkeys for Thanksgiving. However, we do business with several restaurants that purchase our turkeys that would love to cook your Thanksgiving dinner. If interested, feel free to call closer to the holidays for recommendations.

Do your Turkeys taste better than something bought in a supermarket?

Absolutely. We believe that the combination of ethical treatment, all-natural free-range farming, and overall freshness of our birds make a Goffle Poultry turkey much better than something you can find per-packaged in a supermarket. Even after the holiday is over, a handful of our customers come back just to say how great their turkey dinner was and how much praise they received from the guests for a delicious meal.

Doesn’t fresh processed have a game flavor in the meat?

Yes, it is true that fresh killed will have a chewy, gamely texture when cooked within 24 hours of being processed. However, we have streamlined the process so that the bird you take home will be ready to cook for the day of the holiday. So long as the turkey is picked up Sunday or later, simply leave it in the fridge until you are ready to cook it.

How much does fresh turkey cost?

Please see our menu, which includes pricing for items such as whole Turkeys, Turkey Breast, and other Turkey parts.

I’m not a fan of Turkey. Do you sell other birds for the holiday?

Yes. We sell other popular birds for the holiday, including Capon, which is a chicken with a larger breast, Duck, and Goose.

Is the retail store open for regular business Thanksgiving week?

While we try to accommodate everybody. Our store is too small to handle all the business we receive that week. Therefore, we may be unable to fill regular orders on the Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week. We resume regular business when the store reopens on the Friday after.

What about hot-prepared foods such as Rotisserie Chickens and Pot Pies?

Due to excessive demand, management feels it is best to withhold cooking rotisseries and pot pies during the height of Thanksgiving week. This includes Sunday through Wednesday. We resume regular business when the store reopens on the Friday after.

What are your Thanksgiving week hours?

Sunday:     10:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.*
Monday:    8:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.
Tuesday:    8:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.
Wednesday:    8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.
Friday:    9:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.
Saturday:    9:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.
*We are normally closed on Sunday, but we will be open one Sunday a year during Thanksgiving week for order pickup.

What is better, a Hen or a Tom?

This company believes hens are the best breast meat yield. It is almost impossible to have a hen above 28 lbs., so anything above 28 lbs. will be a tom. It should be noted that toms share the same advantage of having a large full breast over 28 lbs.


How do I store a turkey?

It is strongly recommended that you maintain an environment under 35° Fahrenheit until the bird is cooked.

I picked up a turkey and I noticed there is ice in the cavity. Is this turkey fresh?

Yes. To ensure turkeys stay fresh in the time between pickup and cooking, we use a process called chilling to keep the birds fresh. A chilled is colder than it would be in regular refrigeration, but not so cold that the meat freezes. By chilling the bird, any water in the cavity may turn to ice, while the bird itself will stay fresh. Chilling guarantees your birds will stay fresh from for the 3-5 resting period the birds need before it is ready for the oven on Thanksgiving.


Can I call and make changes to my order after the Saturday deadline?

No. If you need to change something that week please just come in and tell us the change in person even at the time of sale. You can change sizes in person the day you pickup as long as we have extra birds available. It may be impossible to reach us by telephone, as telephone lines are congested that week.

How long can I wait before I order?

It is recommended that you place your order as soon as possible, since we can run out of specific sizes as it gets closer to the holiday. Thanksgiving ordering begins on October 1st.

If I don’t order a Turkey ahead of time, can I still walk in and get one?

Due to supply and demand constraints, we cannot guarantee we will have extra turkeys available for non-orders. By ordering ahead, we can guarantee we will have a turkey available for you.

What is the best way to place my Thanksgiving order?

Traditionally, we’ve accepted Thanksgiving orders via phone or in person. Currently, we are unable to take Thanksgiving orders via online ordering.

What is the last day I can order?

The Saturday before Thanksgiving. For special prepared items like stuffed turkey breasts and Tur-duc-kens, ordering ends the Wednesday or until we are sold out.

What is the range of sizes available?

Turkeys are available from as small as 10 lbs. to as large as 36 lbs., depending on availability. Orders are taken in 2 lbs. increments, for example, 10 – 12 lbs., 12 – 14 lbs., 14 – 16 lbs., 16 – 18 lbs., and so on.

What size turkey do I need?

It is recommended that you get 1 lb. per person if you do not want leftovers. If you want left overs, it is suggested 1 1/2 – 2 lbs. per person. The exceptions are that a 10 – 12 lbs. turkey is only recommended for a maximum of 5 – 6 people. See this size chart for a better understanding.

Pick up

Do you recommend coming on Sunday or Monday as opposed to Tuesday or Wednesday for pickup?

We absolutely recommend coming on the Sunday afternoon or Monday pickup days, as the store will be much less crowded during these days as opposed to Tuesday and Wednesday.

On what day should I pick up my turkey?

Thanksgiving order pickup is available on the Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Since, turkeys need time to age and tenderize, they can be picked up as early as Sunday, and are guaranteed to be good on Thanksgiving Day.