Egg Incubation


During the spring season, we offer incubators and fertile eggs so teachers and educators can experience the miracle of life in their own school or home. While we have incubators for sale, we also run a rental program.  Educators can rent the necessary gear for a 30-day period without having to invest in purchasing expensive equipment. We offer fertile chicken and duck eggs for hatching, as well as a handy care package that includes the necessities for caring for newborns when they hatch. The care package includes a bag of bedding, a bag of feed, a water dish, and a large cardboard brooding box that can hold newborns for about 1-2 weeks.


In addition, we have compiled a care packet that contains all the information necessary to run an incubation project from the start up to caring for newborns once they hatch. This is available to view here. If you are interested in starting an incubation project, please call and inquire when the seasons starts, as it can vary year by year.